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ThatGuy's hiatus continues, but exciting things are going on for it's author:
I recently met with Brett Warnock, a publisher for Top Shelf comics. Keeping in mind, Top Shelf currently publishes Alan Moore's latest works, Brett Warnock is a guy who greenlights countless works above and beyond my scope. Still, he had some very encouraging things to say about my submission. He asked that we rework a few style aspects, but all told his reaction was amazingly positive. I'm currently trying out some techniques he suggested and having a blast.

I also got to meet with letterers Tom Orzechowski and Lois Buhalis. They both worked for Marvel for years, and are sort of the voices behind the X-Men I know and love. Tom designed the logos for Wolverine, Dazzler, Spawn - and has been the letterer for Spawn since its inception. It's thrilling to meet with people who's artwork I've read for years.

Anyway - to see some of the work I'm actually still keeping up with, check out the Adventures of BING, updating every Monday on Cat Legend.

~The Author