Hello everybody. I'm Will Ritter and this is my comic. I have doodled since I was wee and danged if I plan to stop any time soon. My favorite comic growing up was Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Online, the first one I met was Sluggy Freelance (Pete Abrams) which continues to be my favorite WebComic. My wonderful fiance was the one to hook me into it and continues to draw me into the comics she reads, including Sinfest and Everything Jake. I helped her put her comic online as well, and you can now view Cat Legend, a masterful work of art and story crafting.

What about me? Oh, all right then, I live in Oregon and am an Engish Major at the UofO in Eugene. I have been active in both theater and band, but my favorite classes have always been English and Art classes. I draw because I like to and sometimes I am funny if I try really hard (or don't try too hard), so I thought I'd give WebComics a go.

Thatguy came from the blending of two of my previous characters, but his personality (as well as the personality of his friends), comes from myself. I received inspiration for characters from my close friends (Kem is almost Kat, my fiance, and Colin is a lot like Dennis Dias and other friends)

I hope you like Thatguy! Come back soon!
~The Author

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