Thatguy, our hero. He goes to college and rooms with his best friends, Kem and Colin. He's an artist of sorts and uses a scooter to get around much of the time. He's a devoted BatGuy fan but also likes X-Guys.
Kem. She's a student also and a close friend of Thatguy's. There is an unspoken more-than-friends between them at times, but don't expect much of it; she's nobody's moll. She likes Saturday Morning Cartoons (but who doesn't), and knows comic books.
Colin. A student and friend to Kem and Thatguy, Colin's a just a little pathetic, but endearingly so. He and thatguy are a lot alike, though they tend to have significant differences when it comes to major issues like sexual preference, immortal souls, and comic book heroes. He's a Superguy fan to the end.
Incognito Devil Figment
Thatguy's incognito devil conscience figment. He showed up one day and everyone seemed to take it into stride. He's kinda rude, but mostly he sucks down sodas and cheese curls like there's no tomorrow.


Thatguy's neighbor, Sony, is an eccentric inventor to put it mildly. Her knack for creating astounding machines is surpassed only by her tendancy to put her head through walls in the process.
Setheroth, or just Seth, is stuck as Sony's roommate until she can fix her time machine and send him back to Ancient Egypt. In the meantime, he'll waste no time putting his moves on eveything with boobs.
Pharoah Mortitus was entombed in a pyramid after he died, gaining his mysterious powers as an Egyptian God. Nothing should stop him from bending the modern world to his will... except perhaps a crippling fear of girls.

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